The Bittersweet Memories of a Beautiful Encounter

It’s curious how life puts us in front of people who seem tailor-made for us but at the wrong time. Like a cruel irony of fate, it makes us meet someone wonderful just when we are at the threshold of a new stage, or when we have already closed an important chapter of our lives.

And that’s how I found you, a beautiful girl who brightened my life for a few brief but intense months. It was impossible not to be attracted to your beauty, your intelligence, and that spark that made every moment with you special. But just when we were starting to get to know each other better, the time of my departure came.

What a shame I found you too late. I would have loved to explore what was between us, to see where the path led. But life sometimes puts us through difficult tests, and this time it was my turn to face the reality that our paths were not meant to cross for any longer.

Now, looking back, I cannot help but feel a certain melancholy. I would have wanted more time with you, to discover all those things I still didn’t know about you, and perhaps find in you a life partner. But I know that’s not in the cards for us.

And now, knowing that you have moved on to another stage of your life, that you are already a mother, I feel a mix of joy and sadness. I’m happy for you, for having found a new path, for having a family of your own that makes you happy. But it also saddens me to know that, even if we had had the opportunity to be together, I could never have shared that beautiful experience with you.

That’s life, full of contradictions and moments that make us feel alive and, at the same time, break our hearts. But no matter how much time has passed, I will always have a special memory of you, that beautiful girl who crossed my path at the wrong time.

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Mauro Pedretti

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