Summer in London is a Lie!

Ah, summer! The season that holds a special place in everyone’s heart; a time to bask in the sun, enjoy beach getaways, and indulge in delicious summer treats. When you grow up in places blessed with bright and sunny seasons, summer is more than just a season – it’s an experience. And when you’ve had the privilege of tasting different summers across the world, you develop a summer palate. You know what I’m talking about. The flavour of the sun, the scent of the breeze, the feel of the sand. And I’m here to tell you – summer in London? It’s a lie!

Now, before I get the whole of London up in arms against me, let me just clarify: I adore this city. With its rich history, majestic landmarks, and an undying love for the arts – especially cinema (my first love) – London has charmed its way into my heart. But London, darling, we need to talk about your summer.

With Latin blood coursing through my veins, there’s an innate yearning for the sun. My memories of summer In Peru, trace back to the vibrant district of Barranco in Lima. The Pacific waves crashed as the backdrop to those sunlit days. Even if the heat soared, the ocean’s embrace cooled my spirit.
Then, there was Italy – a land that welcomed me and shaped many of my years. Ah, Italian summers! Think of the tastiest gelato melting on your tongue – that’s Italy. Warm, rich, and oh-so-inviting.

Barcelona was my home before I set foot in London. I could write a love letter to Barcelona’s summers. The beautiful sea breeze, the golden beaches, the paella fragrant with saffron and bursting with flavour – that’s the Barcelona summer. The kind of summer that lingers in your memories, playing back like a beautiful film you once watched.

Now, London. My beloved current home. You promised me summer. I came with dreams of sun-soaked afternoons in Hyde Park, watching movies under the stars and enjoying picnics with the scent of roses in the air. But alas, reality struck. The clouds, the unpredictable drizzle, the lack of that golden warmth – where’s the summer in that?

However, amidst the chilly breezes and the grey skies, London taught me a few things about embracing the unexpected. Much like in filmmaking, where you learn to adapt to unpredictable circumstances, London’s summers push you to find joy in the nuances. The sudden burst of sunshine, the joy of a clear day, or even the simple pleasure of enjoying a good film on a rainy afternoon.

Will I ever get used to London’s version of summer? Probably not. I’ll always yearn for the passionate embrace of a Barcelona summer, or the warmth of an Italian afternoon. But as any good filmmaker will tell you, every story has its unique flavour. And London’s summer? It’s like a beautifully shot indie film – unconventional, unpredictable, but captivating in its own right.

So, if you find yourself in London during the summer, come prepared. Bring an umbrella, a sun hat, and an open heart. London’s summer might be a lie, but it’s a beautifully told one. And sometimes, in the world of cinema and cities, that’s all that

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Mauro Pedretti

Mauro Pedretti

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