Runway’s GEN2 AI: Shaping the Future of Audiovisual Media

These are my first videos made with Runway’s Artificial Intelligence called GEN2. They each have a duration of only 4 seconds and are of low quality, but it’s astounding to witness that a simple prompt can generate highly realistic animated worlds.

If this technology continues to evolve at the same brisk pace as Midjourney’s imaging technology, we will be seeing unprecedented creations in the coming months. In the near future, we’ll be able to produce short films or even entire movies using this technology, with costs infinitesimally lower than what we had to invest just last year. VFX will be at everyone’s fingertips.

The audiovisual industry is undoubtedly set to open its doors to new professions.

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Mauro Pedretti

Mauro Pedretti

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