In Search of Balance: Notion, Todoist, and Me

Lately, I’ve been immersed in using Notion and Todoist, two tools that promise to revolutionize how I manage my daily activities. Initially excited about this new opportunity to organize every aspect of my life, I realize that I might risk spending too much time on the organization itself, at the expense of actual task execution.

It’s as if I’ve plunged into a maze of lists, cards, and tasks, trying to find the right balance between planning and action. I wonder if this phase of intense organization is only temporary, a sort of initial learning curve, or if there’s a real risk of falling into a “compulsive organization” trap.

However, I don’t want to underestimate the potential of Notion and Todoist to improve my productivity and simplify my daily life. They are powerful tools capable of helping me track my activities, organize my ideas, and maintain order in my routine.

I hope that, over time, I’ll find a balanced way to use these platforms, fully leveraging their benefits without being overwhelmed by the excessive need for perfection in organization. My goal is to make my life more efficient and effective, and I believe that Notion and Todoist can be valuable tools in achieving this goal, provided I don’t get too lost in the maze of lists and cards.

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Mauro Pedretti

Mauro Pedretti

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