My name is Mauro and I currently reside and work in London. Although I was born in Peru, I have spent many years of my life in Italy and Spain, but it’s only been in the last five years that I’ve made London my home.

My passion for cinema has always been with me, leading me to attend a film school here in London a few years ago.

I am deeply fascinated by the aesthetics of imagery and the ability of images to tell a story. This interest has driven me to seek to create and replicate stories both through writing and through film or digital media.

I believe that storytelling through imagery is one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, challenging forms of art to organize.

A well-told story goes beyond a simple sequence of images and words; it is the creation of something profound that wants to be communicated but sometimes eludes words, finding expression through images.

In this personal blog, I share my thoughts ranging from cinema to everyday life, from my personal experiences to my opinions on the films I’ve seen, from the music I’ve listened to to the events happening in society.

Through these pages, I aim to explore and share the world through my personal lens. If you’d like to read my articles, you can find them here.

cut to black.  The end.

cut to black.  The end.

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