Mauro Pedretti

I love cinema!

I currently live in London and work in the film industry.

I graduated in practical filmmaking and my goal is to specialize in direction and production.

I speak English, Spanish, and Italian fluently.

My latest work

You're just my type (2021)

A Filmlocos Production

Director: Mauro Pedretti
Writer: Tara Hoyos-Martinez
Producers: Victor Rios Andrea Perez
Assistant Producer: Raquel Arraes


Sophia : Tara Hoyos-Martinez
Max: Max Easton

Production crew

1st AD: Rauni Barros Da Silva
Cinematographer: Matthew P Scott
Camera Operator: Manuel F.R. Suarez
Camera Operator Assistant: Christian Soria
Editor: Rauni Barros Da Silva
Runners: Noel de Leon, Ralph Roque
Special thanks: Ricky J Payne


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cut to black.  The end.

cut to black.  The end.